How Do Illustrators Work?

Dana Sullivan writes: I’m working on some ideas for a story about a little boy, a dragon and a cape. I started with very rough pencil sketches to get my layout right:
I liked my third try because it seemed more cohesive:
I sketched this one onto watercolor paper:
Next, I added color:
I was trying to avoid my usual black sharpie pen and stick with the pencil line. But I wasn’t wild about it, so I broke out the black brush pen and, working larger, inked it out and colored it with watercolor:
I was enjoying myself as I worked, but it’s kind of a mess. So, using the rough sketch, I traced in Adobe Illustrator and then colored in Photoshop:
What I like about the computer is that I can limit myself (and can undo). What I don’t like is that I’m not always as spontaneous as I want to be. But I think I kept the spirit of the original sketch. And I kept it SIMPLE! We’ll see where this story takes me.

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