Around the Web with OAV Authors: April 2016

It’s time for the first Online Author Visits “Around the Web” post since we made the move from Blogger to WordPress. (Hope you’ve been enjoying the new look and interface, btw — we sure like it.) Enjoy this roundup of a few random OAV-member sightings on the web!

Dori Jones Yang, Author, "Daughter of Xanadu"
Dori Jones Yang

Dori Jones Yang learned a lot about wisdom while working on the book Warm Cup of Wisdom: Inspirational Insights On Relationships and Life. Read about her findings here.

In this video, Dana Sullivan reads his adorable picture book Ozzie and the Art Contest during an elementary school assembly.

Janet Lee Carey is grilled by none other than “the Queen” (who’s read Janet’s In the Time of Dragon Moon) in this surprise video find. Don’t miss it!

Author Turf’s 2012 Q&A with Trudi Trueit covers a lot of interesting ground, including how Trudi would spend any lottery winnings and what she’d write about if she could only produce one more book.

Found on Amazon: This glowing reader review (the first one on the site’s book page) of Clare Hodgson Meeker’s recently released Rhino Rescue! And More True Stories of Saving Animals.

“Human efforts to rescue endangered animals make for rather compelling stories. Rhino Rescue does not disappoint in this regard. The experiences of rescuing a badly injured monk seal, orphaned tiger cubs, and African White Rhinos make for compelling reading. The amount of work that goes into helping these at-risk animals is amazing as are the people who work so hard to help them. Children who love animals or are considering working in the field of animal rescue will find this book fascinating reading. The sidebars that include additional generic information about the different species as well as the brief facts scattered throughout the book provide further interest-catching information. Another winning addition to a great series.”

Martha Brockenbrough shares how she approaches helping her children with homework in “Support Your Kids By Letting Learning Happen,” a New York Times opinion piece from November 2014.

Erik Brooks’s Presidential Polar Bear Post Card project is still going strong. Below is #128 in the series and wacreated April 18, 2016.

Illustration by Erik Brooks

And, that’s a wrap. See you next time!

Scheduling note: For a while we did a monthly “Good News” feature on the third Thursday and this feature on the fourth. Today’s post marks the beginning of a fresh schedule to go with our fresh digs: From now on, “Around the Web” and “Good News” will appear on the third Thursday of alternate months. Scheduling for the regular “Author of the Month” remains unchanged.

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