Skype an Author and Support Orphans Africa!

This year the authors represented on Online Author Visits (formerly Skype Authors) are pleased to support the charity Orphans Africa. We are especially proud that one of the three founding members and secretary/treasurer of the charity is fellow children’s writer, Michele Torrey. All of the authors on this site pledge 25% of virtual visit fees to Orphans Africa. When you hire one of us you are also helping to support this worthy cause.

About Orphan’s Africa:
 Orphans Africa (OA) is a 501 (c) 3 tax-exempt charitable organization that began in 2007 with the coming together of three ordinary people, whose desire was to build peace between nations by providing assistance to those who are most vulnerable.

Together they traveled to Tanzania where malaria and the AIDS epidemic has left victims of all ages. Over two and a half million children have been orphaned. Widows have lost their husbands and desire opportunities to support themselves and their children. Working hand-in-hand with grassroots non-governmental organizations in Tanzania, OA provides the orphans with education and basic necessities, and provides the widows with the training and opportunities they need to become self-sufficient. We believe that by educating children and helping widows to become self-sustaining, we are bringing hope, not only to today, but to the future.